Monday, March 5, 2012

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary- in Nashville

Joe and I hadn't taken a trip alone since our honeymoon to Breckenridge 5 years ago- I think we were due! Now that we are in the Midwest- it's fairly easier and more cost effective to go places on our bucket list. First stop was Nashville for a little Country Music and Honky Tonks. We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, the world famous strip of bars on Broadway street and toured the State Capitol during our visit. Enjoy the pictures! We had a blast celebrating our anniversary despite the Tornado.

State Capital- some of Occupy Nashville leftover before the Tornado hit

Stayed at the Sheraton

The House of Representatives. This is the very room that voting for Women's Rights bill was past for the entire US

Champagne and a card from the best in-laws ever! (inadvertently included the Tornado coverage in the background)