Monday, October 17, 2011

Month 1- first visitors

Joe and I hit our first month anniversary last week! I can't believe how fast it went. We have continued to experience the local flair, including TRYING to eat at the Doughnut Vault on weekend mornings. Only thing is, they open at 9:30 and close when they sell out. The line is endless! One morning maybe we will get lucky.
This weekend we had our first visitors- Joe and Angela from Ohio. Joe and Angela used to work with Joe at the hospital in Phoenix but moved to Ohio a few years back. We hadn't seem them since our trip to Pittsburgh in 2009. The Scarano's had never been to Chicago and Joe and I are still new so naturally we did the touristy stuff. Saw Solider Field, The Field Museum, took a water taxi to Navy Pier, ate at Harry Caray's, experienced Chicago style stuffed pizza (Gino's East), went to Wrigley Field, saw The Bean in Millennium Park and of course stopped at plenty of bars to drink beer and watch football- what we all do best. And no, we still didn't get into the Doughnut Vault!
Bloody Mary's and Ginormous Beers at Harry Caray's

Water Taxi to Navy Pier

Wrigley Field

The Field Museum
Art Institute of Chicago Museum (Ferris Bueller)

We  miss them already!  Hobbs and Tater enjoyed their visit as well. Both are settling into city life and we even bought Tater a nice blue fleece jacket for the approaching winter. 

Can't wait for our next visitors, the Niehuses & Cokers, come to town in a couple of weeks!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I want to come visit! :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous niece and nephew!