Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Notre Dame Plays Navy in South Bend

Well, as many of you know- Joe and I are obsessed with Notre Dame football. (ok- Joe is). One of the deciding factors in moving to Chicago is the proximity to South Bend. Enter our first HOME Notre Dame game since we moved! Joe's family came out to Chicago from all over to join us, first Uncle Jim who attended the Naval Academy is able to get us tickets every year. His wife Patty, Joe's parents (my favorite in-laws) from North Carolina, Uncle Kevin & Aunt Chris from California and Uncle Mike from Ohio. Quite the crowd. Pretty certain that was the most people we have had in our apartment at one time.

As usual, our trip started off by a stop at the bookstore for some high priced paraphernalia. Then the storm blew in! The clouds got dark and the rain and hail hit. It was beautiful and made for some fantastic pictures.

After the rain and a few beers, Joe and I toured the campus and covered the Dome, the Grotto and the Lake.

And the football game! Or should I say butt kicking? 56-14

Touchdown Jesus!

Uncle Jim (still a happy camper even though Navy lost)  with Uncle Kevin

Uncle Mike- GO IRISH

On Sunday we went sight-seeing. We saw the famous Chicago theater sign and Marilyn Monroe statue.

After all the fun was over, we had to go back to reality. BUT, thanks to our friend Jacquelyn- we got a new couch! It's like we are grown-ups, the couch we had was over 15 years old and full of holes. Not to mention it was blue leather. LOL


  1. The blue couch...where did the blue couch go by the way? :) I love the new couch! Tater will have to sleep on the floor on his bed... :(
    Notre Dame is such a great campus, cool architecture, Mary and Jesus AND great fall colors! Glad you had so much fun. I love the touch down Jesus..LOL!

  2. Great narrative, except that Uncle Mike isn't married to Aunt Patty and he didn't attendd the Naval Academy. The pictures are great!!!

  3. oops, good catch. Must have been tired- all fixed!

  4. Looks like you are definitely enjoying Chicago (even though most of this post was not in Chicago, lol)!