Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving Eve

On Sunday Joe and I sold the truck. If you every have to go through that we highly recommend CarMax. They offered more than we owed on the loan and were in and out of there in 1.5 hours. 

Before we finish our last days of work with two both great companies, load the U-haul and start the trek Thursday morning, Joe and have had a very hectic few days. First I met Britta for dinner to say goodbye and give her her baby Kelly present.

The next night we met Claire, Danny, Gavin, April, Joseph, Dina and Jordan for dinner at Culinary Dropout. (more pictures to come)

Sunday Kette joined us for lunch at the ever delicious Titled Kilt for a few beers and wings!

Today at lunch I got Pei Wei close to work. Inside my fortune cookie read: You will make change fir the better within the year. Timely, don't you think?

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