Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week 2

As I sit in the family room watching football while wrapped in my blanket and wearing flannel pj's and listening to the sound of rain, I realize we aren't on vacation and Joe and I actually made this happen. We talked about moving for a few years and I am still in awe how fast it happened when the time came. Feels like we have been here longer than two weeks. But, it's been two weeks to the day that we started making our home here on Kinzie St.

The apartment is coming along, since work started I have less time to decorate and try anything new. We aren't in a rush though. Got some of the bedroom finished and recently decided to have all the blinds open to enjoy a 360 view.

Joe and I got invited to the Cubs game on Monday evening in the BrightTag suite. It was my first game at Wrigley Field- quite the first experience. We enjoyed a good view and awesome beer cans!

My walk to work is most enjoyable. An easy 10 minutes of fresh air and fairly decent sights. My ear phones, and streaming Pandora is a must. Usually I blast my 80' hairband music to get me pumped up for work. My building is located at Wacker Dr. and Randolph right on the River.

Commute Traffic

Joe and I met for lunch on Tuesday and enjoyed a 70 degrees view in the courtyard across from work.

Soaking up all the sports we can get, Joe and I watched the Bears game last Sunday at our favorite (so far) neighborhood bar Jefferson Tap. It was raining that day as well. Jefferson Tap has THE BEST wings.

Tater and Hobbs are settling in as well. Tater loves sitting on the couch and looking out the window's. Hobbs loves that as well. The window's go all the way down to the floor, so if he isn't sprawled on couch, he is looking out the window's and down 13 floors.

So besides leaving my first shopping purchase of cute winter knit hats in the cab last Friday night, no funny stories or dumb Sara moments, but I guess that is a good thing and means we aren't sticking out like sore thumbs in the city after all! Hope you enjoy the sights.

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