Saturday, September 10, 2011


Well, in typical Maskivish form, things didn't go as planned on Wednesday evening. A certain husband who shall remain nameless inadvertently picked up the Penske truck a few hours after the scheduled pick-up only to find they had closed for the evening. So starts the adventure in finding another available truck. Finally secured one around 8:30pm. Back to plan A of Jordan, Joe, myself and my Dad loading the truck. Also in typical Maskivish form, we didn't have everything 100% packed. Gave up around 11pm, released poor Jordan and succumbed to finishing the next morning knowing this would put us behind schedule to arrive on Saturday afternoon for our scheduled freight elevators. Boy did we sleep that night.

Enter Thursday morning, long story short got on the road by 12noon. Nothing noteworthy to speak of from Phoenix to Santa Rosa, New Mexico. The real excitement came the next day on our way through Amarillio, Texas my car battery decided to die at a rest stop 26 miles out of Shamrock, Texas in 90 degree weather. Didn't bring jumper cables- that would have required planning ahead! Shockingly, no one else had any either (or so they said). The rest stop is the largest and nicest rest stop I have ever seen. I guess everything is bigger and better in Texas.

AAA to the rescue an hour later. During the hour we researched places that had a battery in-stock. Finally found a place in Shamrock. Now 2 hours delayed, but back on the road we decided to muddle through Oklahoma City, Tulsa and stop in Joplin, MO. All jokes aside we really wanted to give that poor town some business. Much to our surprise, didn't see much damage from the hurricane, but boy did we experience a lovely truck stop! Featured on CMT's "Trick My Truck" (that was the only cool part to this story) we ate at a restaurant called the Iron Skillet. A fine 24-hour establishment with an all-you-can eat buffet for $9.99. I think it came with a side of germs. Proud of myself for sticking it through LOL.

 Exhausted we cautiously went to bed but stayed awake enough to make sure the car and moving truck stayed in one piece. The next morning all was well and we headed through a monsoon in St. Louis, survived Hobbs getting sick and throwing up in the car in Towanda, IL and arrived with 30 minutes to spare before the Notre Dame/Michigan game started. Currently presided in Romeoville, we called it a night. Ordered Chicago-style pizza, grabbed beer and plan to relax until we can move in tomorrow at 11am when the freight elevator is available.

Stay tuned for unloading adventures and pictures of our new digs!

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  1. Quite the adventure you two had! Glad to hear you made it to IL safe and sound and can't wait to see pictures of your new place! XO!